Monday, October 28, 2013

This is a letter from Collin's District Leader

Dear Brother and Sister Wilson,

My name is Elder Smith and I serve along side your son in the Slough ward and also serve as his District Leader. I wanted to email you and thank you for raising your son the way you did and for making the necessary sacrifices needed to send him on his mission. I have spent a great amount of time with your son and do each week. We have a great friendship and I look up to your son. I have grown to love him deeply and I learn from him each week. I have seen him change, indeed I have seen his life change. Through tears and heartfelt admonition, I have felt and heard the love he has for his parents and his siblings. His love for you is inspiring. His heart is being softened and touched and he is becoming a great man. I couldn't ask for a better example to the other missionaries in our district. He has taken them all under his wing. He uplifts them, encourages them, has fun with them, and sets the example for them. You should be proud! I talk to the Mission President often and make sure to tell him that your son is becoming an incredible missionary and will be a great leader in this mission. Elder Wilson is happy, and loving the work, and blessing so many people, including myself. In fact, as I am writing this I am getting emotional. He has his head on straight, knows why he is here and what he is supposed to be doing and I know I can rely on him and turn to him for anything. He is becoming a spiritual giant and is changing into an incredible person! You will be proud! 


Elder Smith

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