Monday, October 28, 2013

Just a Little Note from Dad

I am adding a post from the email Collin sent me.  I used a friends tactics to get him to to actually answer the questions I keep asking.  I told him until these are answered we will not send him Elk Jerky!

>1)     Have you found out if you get to Skype on Christmas or just call?
           A) I will be skyping home on Christmas as I have told you before I thought. 

> 2)     How long did it take you to do the long walk?
           A) The long walk took 45 minutes one way and we stayed by the statue for about half hour.

> 3)     Have you picked up a British accent yet?
            A) I don't have a British accent yet, but I certain words a little different sometimes and I also use British words like rubbish, cheers, and mate a lot.  Also hell and damn aren't swear words here and sometimes I find myself saying them and its really weird haha. 

> 4)     How many investigators do you have?
            A) Are investigator pool as gone to nothing basically, but we have a lot of good new investigators that are promising.  I don't we will see what happens.

> 5)     When do you think you will get a new companion?
            A) .  I will be getting a new companion in two weeks and depending on if I train or not I will be in Slough till Christmas or at my six month mark.  Sounds like I will be training though so I will be Slough till February.

> 6)     What is the best thing you ate?
            A) My favorite food is when a member named Robin feeds us and he throws in all this different meet and been along with good yogurt with fruit on the side.  It is usually pretty spicy as well and so good!  He told me that he has never seen an Elder eat so much food before.  haha oh well I am hungry all the time:)  Oh and I like spicy food now so that is cool:)  It really does put hairs on your chest cause I have chest hair as well haha. 

> 7)     What is the worse thing you ate?
           A) :)  I haven't had anything gross yet, but Fu Fu was the most interesting things I have ate, but was good. 

> 8)     Have you gained anymore weight?
           A)  I have not gained any more weight, but have a nice gut. 

> 9)     Are you still cleaning the apartment?
            A) Did not answer

> 10)  What do you cook for food when you are at your flatt?
           A) Elder Anderson makes amazing food while we are at the flatt and its anything for pasta to some kind of fancy cake.  Its the reason I'm fat:) 

Well he answered 9 out of 10 questions so I guess that is passing so will send the jerky to him!

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